At Bistro we focus on the essentials – freshly baked bread which we make from sourdough, and specialty coffee from various local and international roasters. Try our modern take on rich breakfast, seasonal dishes, sweet bullars or our own signature coffee drinks served by skilled baristas.



From breakfast until dinner

Enjoy our selection of eighteen meals prepared from the most seasonal and local ingredients. Try our onion velouté with baked bell pepper, vegan salad with black kale, favourite homemade potato-cheese gnocchi, beef brisket ragout or freshwater fish with cauliflower purée.

Complete menu


Great start of the day

Our homemade sourdough bread, eggs, brioche, oat porridge and favourite “Breakfast FACH” with the selection of various meals and much more. Every day from 08:30 untill 11:00 in FACH Bistro.

Breakfast menu

Sourdough bread

Freshly baked bread every day

We make our stone-baked bread from sourdough. You can find wheat, nut, rye, or even vegetable bread here as well as sourdough baguettes and cinnamon or cardamon buns.

Every Thursday and Friday our bakers prepare special bread of the week.


Specialty coffee

We have a rotating offer of coffee beans from various local and international specialty coffee roasters. We can serve it as a classic espresso, cappuccino or flat white, but we also use alternative techniques.

Our team

FACH Family

Creative, dedicated and motivated person. One who fits with us normal people who share passion and love for great gastronomy. If you want to join us get in touch and ask about the open positions. Send us your resume.


Fach Bratislava
Ventúrska ulica 10
Mozartov dom
Bratislava I.

+421 918 734 129

Opening hours
Mo: 8:30 – 20:00
Tue / Sat: 8:30 – 22:00
Sun: 8:30 – 20:00